Traveling Tips

Bemidji Bus Line knows how many details are involved with organizing a trip with a large group. Give us a call today and we can assist you with your group travel plans in any way possible. Please view some tips below to consider when traveling by motorcoach:

  • Allow sufficient time to load the bus before departing. We recommend 15 minutes minimum for loading. If it is a multiple day trip it may be longer due to luggage loading and other factors.
  • Know the address of your loading and destination point(s). If you have the address of your destination we will figure out mileage accordingly and eliminate any additional mileage charges. Having an accurate address will also allow us to make maps for our drivers so they are prepared for the trip.
  • If you plan to stay overnight please plan for a hotel room for the driver. In some cases, motels will give multiple room discounts or even give you the driver/escort room for no cost.
  • In the event your trip totals 550 or more miles in one day we need to ensure the driver is in compliance with Federal Hours of Service rules. Options include planning an overnight stop, installing a sleeper bunk for two drivers, or conducting a driver switch. This is specific to each trip. Ask your sales representative- they will discuss options with you that fit your trip plan.
  • How long do you plan to be at your destination point? This is helpful to determine driver status and in the quotation process.
  • An itinerary is helpful on any trip to assist in routing and other aspects.